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A Message From Our Founder
We at Innovative Fitness and Wellness believe each one of our clients deserves specialized individual attention. From the moment you enter our doors your fitness and wellness needs will be of the utmost priority to us. At our top of the line studio there is no fighting over machines and no one to make you feel uncomfortable. We believe everyone has at least one life changing goal when they decide to begin a workout or nutritional program. Whether it is to lose weight, gain muscle or just look good in a pair of jeans. It's all about reaching to obtain your goals, no matter how small or big they may be. Our motto speaks for itself and why so many people are asking; have you had the innovative experience?

Sincerely and God Bless,

William Mackie

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to provide unique and engaging personalized fitness, nutritional, and wellness programs and services to a diverse customer population. Our services are based on applicable methods that can be achieved and maintained long term in any lifestyle. Our services focus on goal oriented functional training, whole food consumption and other holistic wellness techniques. Our staff pledges to provide sensible, caring and results driven coaching service for all of our customers. In order to better accomplish the above objectives we will strive to keep our customers excited, motivated and engaged in achieving their goals. We are committed to fostering a sense of community and an internal support system with various healthy group-oriented activity programming.

Owner/Fitness Trainer: William Mackie

Will has been in the fitness industry for many years. He holds a bachelors and a Master's of Science degree. He is a nationally certified personal trainer through the National Exercise and Sports Trainers Association (N.E.S.T.A.), the American College of Sports Medicine (A.C.S.M) and the International Sport and Fitness Trainers Association (I.S.F.T.A.)

In addition, Willam Mackie holds certifications in Cardio-kick boxing, Senior Fitness, and Pilates. He has a wide range of experience in many other types of fitness class instruction as well. He also has experience personally training an entire spectrum of ages, body types and goal aspirations with great success. He has also trained numerous highly recruited high school and college athletes. Will has written numerous online health and fitness articles, worked both as an independent fitness professional and as a program coordinator, trainer and class instructor. With the creation of Innovative Fitness and Wellness he is now able to help people achieve their health and fitness goals world wide with his knowledge and experience.

Life Strategies Coach: Tammy Bonet

Tammy Bonet is an RN and certified life strategies coach with 23 years of experience across the healthcare continuum. For the past 16 years, she has worked for DaVita, a Fortune 400 company that specializes in outpatient dialysis. She is currently a national level director, managing a team of remote educators. She has also overseen the operation of multiple dialysis facilities in CT as well as served on a national innovation team for several years. Tammy has also attended over 250 hours of professional development offerings with a focus on leadership and building great teams. (DaVita has been recognized for the 10th consecutive year by Training magazine as one of the Top 125 companies for offering exceptional workforce training and leadership development programs. DaVita is the only national kidney care provider to earn a Top 125 designation.) Click the link below to learn more about Tammy and her services!


Massage Therapist:Lori Conchado

Lori Conchado is a licensed massage therapist who began her journey with a desire to heal with a gentle touch and aide her daughter in resolving a sports related injury which resulted from a rigorous training schedule while preparing for a marathon. Motivated to make a difference she enrolled in the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy, where she became interested and participated in the Colchester and Middletown Marathons as a student member of the Connecticut American Massage Therapy Team (CTAMTA). She has since focused her practice on working with athletes and individuals experiencing a wide variety of ailments including IT band injuries, sciatica pain and rotator cuff injuries. Lori offers Deep Tissue Massage and Trigger Point Therapy, which are beneficial in reducing pain, increasing athletic performance and range of motion. In addition, she also offers a relaxing, restorative massage to reduce stress and well-being.

Sports Massage Therapist: Meghan Beatty

Meghan Beatty is a fully licensed therapist and graduate of the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy. She is a standing member in the CT chapter of AMTA (American Massage Therapy Association) where she is part of the award winning sports massage team. Meghan specialized in sports and orthopedic massage as well as myofascial release. As an ex gymnastics coach of several years and a physical therapist assistant, Meghan has an exceptional background in functional fitness, stretching, and how to work with athletes. Meghan can relate to the importance and relief of massage therapy as she has her own rigorous and diverse training schedule as she prepares for the American Ninja Warrior!

Our Personal Training Staff

Jennifer Gawlak - Jennifer is a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor through Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA). Jennifer has worked as a personal trainer for multiple years helping clients of all age ranges achieve their health and fitness goals. She also has experience in a physical therapy clinic and home health aide. Jennifer specializes in weight loss, lean muscle development; as well as in working with seniors and fitness beginners.

Greg Clancy - Greg is a passionate, results-driven and knowledgeable certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (N.A.S.M.) Greg has over 11 years experience designing and monitoring safe and effective fitness programs. He genuinely cares about people and wants the best for all of his clients. By providing the appropriate challenges, as well as motivating and inspiring them to the fullest possible he believes he can help anyone strive to reach there goals. Greg has an ability to educate and encourage the "trainer" within each client and create an experience that yields lifetime lasting results. Greg is capable of helping clients reach any goals they may desire but flourishes when it comes to those that want to serious burn fat as well as athlete training.

Marie Hughes - Marie is a Certified Personal Trainer through The American Aerobic Association and International Sports Medicine Association (AAAI/ISMA). Marie is a living testament of how one can transform there bodies and outlook on life. Marie was able to change her nutritional habits and find her passion for being physically fit which allowed her to lose a tremendous amount of body fat and increase her physical abilities dramatically. Though, she is not finished with her own journey, she has been able to use her real life experience and education to empower, inspire and help others achieve results that they never once thought possible. Marie enjoys working with individuals that are new to physical fitness and adopting a healthier lifestyle. She is more than happy to be your health coach that has been there before and can be in your corner to help guide you along your own health journey.

Robin Fontaine - Robin is a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Council for Certified Personnel Trainers (NCCPT). You could say obstacle course racing (OCR) has literally changed Robins life, when a local OCR event ignited her passion for a new level of personal fitness and challenged her to become a better athlete. In addition to becoming a competitive Elite obstacle course racer and a certified Spartan SGX coach, Robin developed a strong desire to introduce others to the sport as well. She is a true testament to the phrase, "age is only a number." Robin has accomplished all of this at an age when people avoid being thrust out of their comfort zones. She inspires others to feel the excitement of life that can come from new and fun experiences at any age. Robin creates fitness programs that are unique, engaging for all levels of activity, and most importantly, effective!

Michael ORourke is a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (N.A.S.M.) He is also TRX Trainer Certified as well. Micheal works with a large variety of clients and has a passion for exercise that will challenge your stability and core. He believes that having a positive mental attitude will help anyone over come obstacles in their way. With his positive mind set, Michael is ready to help clients of all skills sets with programs that will help with goals such as, fat loss and muscle growth.

Channing Harwood – Channing is a Certified Exercise Physiologist through the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). Channing received his degree from Central Connecticut State University in Exercise Science in 2013, and is currently pursuing his Doctorate of Physical Therapy from the University of Hartford. His interest in the fitness and wellness field began when he was an athlete at Xavier High School. Channing focusing on fat loss through strength training and fat loss programming, Channing also specializes in injury prevention and performance training.

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